Cervo Groep: Proudly taking care of people, business & jobs

Mr. Cannot is in the cemetery, Mr. Willnot lay next to him

This is a famous saying in De Achterhoek, a region in the eastern part of The Netherlands, the Cradle of Cervo Group.

Since René Derksen, the founder of Cervo Group, was one of the first to successfully bring people from Poland to the Netherlands more than 20 years ago, a lot has changed. From a small pioneering employment agency from De Achterhoek, Cervo has developed into an international employment group with numerous activities. But the focus on work with comfortable housing and transport to work has remained. I would like to tell you more about that in this blog.


1500 to 2500 employees from 17 EU countries

With Cervo Payroll, Cervo Projects and Lost Minute, Cervo has a number of specialized professional labels within the group. We provide payroll services to our customers and deploy, either on a project basis or not, ground workers, service and E-mechanics and other technical personnel throughout the Netherlands.

It all started with labour migrants and that still forms the vast majority of Cervo Group’s activities. This is no longer just a matter of supplying Polish employees to Dutch companies. Nowadays, 1,500 to 2,500 employees from more than 17 EU countries work for our customers every week. People from Romania, Poland, the Baltic States and other Eastern European countries. But also people from Spain, Italy and Portugal.


Never give up and serve our customers and employees optimally

When René presented me with the challenge a few years ago to help Cervo further professionalize, while retaining its own typical Achterhoek identity and mentality, I took up the gauntlet. This process was certainly not without a struggle, but we made progress step by step. As an (uncredited) amateur boxer I have learned that winners rise once more than they are knocked down and that is precisely the mentality that is in the DNA of the company and the employees. The Cervo employees do not give up and go to great lengths to serve their customers and employees well. At Cervo, we do what we say and say what we do. Straight forward, no apologies! The Achterhoek style; “Mr. Cannot is in the cemetery, Mr. Willnot lay next to him.”


Nice living and working environment for temporary workers

Great to work in such an environment with this mentality all around. It feels to me exactly as Aleksandra Swiader, senior coordinator of the Bunschoten office, puts it: “I have only been working at Cervo for a few years, but it feels like my home and this is because of my colleagues!” Within Cervo, we are well aware that this should also apply to our temporary workers. When employees from other countries come to us to work, they deserve respect and they should feel comfortable. Only a pleasant living and working environment ensures that employees stay with us for a long time. They determine our success and so as an employer we must take the best possible care of them. Cervo has meanwhile become a considerable volume player in the market for EU workers in the Netherlands. We want to be a company that offers customers quality and flexibility through long-term employees. We work on that every day. Step bye step, a little better every day.


New website

We have also done a lot to optimize processes to make it as easy as possible for our own employees to carry out their daily work. In recent years, a lot has been invested in new IT systems, a modern fleet, quality certifications and partners with good housing for our EU workers. This also includes a modern, clear website. We have achieved this in collaboration with Uw Business Online and we are quite proud of this!

Employee satisfaction is extremely important within Cervo Group. Hard work in a professional work environment, but there should also be time for relaxation and fun.

That is why we raise a glass to the realization of this brand new website!

Cheers, Proost, Na zdrowie, Noroc, Ypa or as they say in the Achterhoek Poar neem’n!


Martijn Koelewijn – Managing Director