Proudly taking care

Cervo Group is convinced that the main capital in the organisation is our human capital, our employees. We are proud working at Cervo, and we want our employees to be proud on that too. We assume that you as an employee of Cervo will recommend Cervo as an employer anyway, but we created a recommendation bonus program for you to stimulate applying new employees for Cervo even more, to help the company grow further and to use your recruitment power for that purpose. We all know people who are suitable for working at Cervo Group. We have all kinds of jobs, and you know all kinds of people. Bring them to us and we will reward you!

Therefore, we would like to introduce:

Cervo Referral Program

Proudly taking care of

How to refer?

Very simple! If you think that your friend is suitable for any of jobs at Cervo, advise him to apply via e-mail! Once the email is sent, our internal recruitment team will contact the candidate as soon as possible to find together suitable job position.

The only thing your referred friend needs to do is:

  • Send us an e-mail to:
  • Email needs to include below information:
    • Candidate: Name and surname (of the person who applies)
    • Phone number: (of the person who applies)
    • Referred by: name + surname (of your name, as the person who refers)
    • Attached updated CV

What is the basic bonus for bringing a friend?

VIf the candidate referred by you will work at Cervo for 8 weeks, you will be rewarded with the basic bonus, which is: 250 EUR nett per referred person!

How to win 1000 – 5000 EUR in our referral lottery?

As we would like to give you our appreciation for your effort in development and grow of Cervo Group, hereby we apply 2 other ways to win extra reward!


Did you refer your friend, and he worked at Cervo for 8 weeks? You qualified automatically to our internal lottery!

Once per quarter, a random draw will be carried out among all recommending people. The condition for taking part in the lottery is that at least one person has worked 8 weeks in Cervo.

The price of the lottery is: 1000 EUR!

Referral Master Volume competition

Would you like to win more? Not a problem! The more candidates are referred by you, the more chances to win more!

If you refer more than 1 candidate, you have a chance to win another 1000 EUR!

Once per quarter, the winner who recruited the largest number of employees will be selected as the referral master. If the candidates recommended by you have worked 8 weeks in Cervo, maybe you will be the winner!