First prize speedsoccer tournament for Cervo Group

First prize Speedsoccer company tournament for Cervo Group x Lost Minute


On Tuesday, May 16, a delegation of office personnel from Cervo Group and Lost Minute participated in the renowned 5×5 Speedsoccer Company Tournament in Arnhem. In this tournament, various company teams from the Gelderland region compete in short matches for the title. In their first participation in this tournament, the team of Cervo Group x Lost Minute clinched the title after an unbeaten streak!


The team of Cervo Group x Lost Minute faced tough competition among seven other teams. After six matches with only one draw, it all came down to the final game. They needed a victory against an opponent who had won all six of their previous matches to secure the first place. In an exciting match, Cervo Group x Lost Minute ultimately came out on top.


We look back on a successful tournament and a fun evening. Here’s to more!