Cervo's Champion: Adrian Dincu

Cervo’s Champion: Adrian Dincu

In June, we had the pleasure of recognizing Adrian Dincu as cervo’s champion. Since becoming a valued member of our team in two years ago, Adrian has consistently showed us his reliability and positivity.


Adrian’s reliability and willingness to help others sets him apart. He likes to take on extra responsibilities and truly likes his job. Adrian is a positive person that has an optimistic approach to everything that comes his way. This also influences the people working with him. Adrian has the ability to not only motivate himself, but also positively effect his colleagues with that positive attitude.


Also Anna Dymanska, Adrian’s coordinator and contact person at Cervo Group, is more than happy with an employee like Adrian: “Adrian is someone who truly likes his job. Every day he is motivated again to go to his work, he never complains, and this results in outstanding work”.


We think it is obvious that Adrian deserves this title and that is why we want to congratulate him on being the Cervo’s Champion of June.