Cervo's Champion: Anna Figura

Cervo’s Champion July: Anna Figura


Another month has passed, which means it’s time for a new Cervo’s champion. This month, we proudly recognize Anna Figura as Cervo’s Champion of July. She is a dedicated and motivated worker who consistently gives her best.


Anna Figura came to the Netherlands from Poland to work here and joind Cervo, where she has shown exceptional motivation and a strong work ethic. Every day she goes to her job with a smile and she even speaks Dutch already. When we surprised her during her shift, she expressed her happiness to be working here and appreciated the services provided by Cervo.


Her coordinator, Aleksandra Swiader, is also very positive about her:  “Anna Figura is an incredibly reliable and dedicated worker, someone you can always count on. I would describe her as an exceptional worker and a beautiful person who is always willing to help.”


It is safe to say that Anna Figura truly deserves this title, and we are proud to have her a part of our team!