The five certainties of Cervo Group

Cervo’s 5 certainties


At Cervo, our focus revolves around people, and we firmly believe that satisfied employees perform better. To ensure the well-being and happiness of our workforce, we have established the five certainties of Cervo, guaranteeing practical matters, such as accommodation and transportation, while fostering a culture of trust and open communication. Let’s delve into each certainty:


Steady income, always on time

At Cervo Group, we are committed to providing our workers with financial stability throughout their tenure with us. We achieve this by offering a steady income that is always delivered on time. We understand that navigating a Dutch payslip can be complicated, so we go the extra mile to assist our workers in understanding their payslips and the Dutch tax system.


Good housing and transport to work

We recognize the significance of housing in our workers’ lives, as it is where they reside and spend a majority of their time. To this end, Cervo Group ensures that every worker has access to appropriate housing accommodation, all meeting the SNF standards. Additionally, we offer convenient transport options to their workplaces.


Great companies to work

At Cervo Group, we prioritize partnering with companies that value our employees’ well-being and create a motivating, safe, and respectful work environment. By working with these exceptional companies, we ensure that our workers receive competitive salaries, adequate rest, and a supportive workplace. We actively monitor the work conditions and regularly engage with our workers to ensure their satisfaction.


Long term employment

We firmly believe that a stable and enduring relationship between employer and employee is built on mutual respect and trust. Hence, Cervo Group aims to provide our workers with long-term employment opportunities, fostering a strong bond between the company and its employees, provided both parties are content.


Attention, respect, and clear communication

The foundation of a harmonious and productive environment lies in personal attention, respect, and transparent communication. At Cervo Group, we prioritize being there for our workers, and each worker is assigned a dedicated contact person for any queries or discussions about concerns. Respect and personal attention are the hallmarks of all communication within our organization.


In conclusion, Cervo’s 5 Certainties demonstrate our commitment to the well-being and satisfaction of our workers. By ensuring financial stability, comfortable living conditions, and strong employer-employee relationships, we create an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to their fullest potential. Our dedication to transparent communication and mutual respect further reinforces the sense of trust and collaboration that defines Cervo Group.