Working at Cervo Group: from production worker to administration officer

Working at Cervo Group: from production worker to administration officer


At Cervo Group we offer everyone the possibility to grow as a person and we stimulate the development of everyone’s professional career. A great example of this is Nicolae Andrei Tirau who came to the Netherlands five years ago. He started working as a production worker and now has an office job as administration officer.


Nicu came to the Netherlands in 2018 together with his wife. He immediately started working for Cervo Group as production worker. He worked for many different clients and always put in his effort to make the best of the jobs. Nicu says he likes working for Cervo Group because Cervo helps him with problems, acts in a honest way, and takes in consideration the wishes of you as a worker.


“Cervo Group let me work with people of the same nationality and helps with problems or questions. On top of that they are always honest with me and they helped me to grow as a person”


After he started as a production worker, he became a driver for Cervo Group. During these jobs he always stood out because of his efforts, positive attitude, and willingness to learn. Cervo Group noticed this and spoke with him to discuss Nicu his goals and the possibilities that match with these goals. Cervo offered him the chance to work in the financial department as an Administration Officer.


Nicu just started his new job as administration officer at Cervo Group. He is slowly starting to get used to the job and hopes to have a future in professional organization like Cervo Group. Nicu says: “My goal is to become an excellent financial analyst and grow both personally and professionally”. Cervo Group wishes Nicu all the best with his new job and is proud to see such a development at one of their wortkers.